Until the work is done

The major part of legislative session wrapped up at 2:15 AM Saturday morning. Despite the best laid plans, legislative session is always a bit unpredictable. Given the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and a host of other complicating factors, this session redefined unpredictability. But that is not to say unpredictability is always bad. This was

Whoah, we’re halfway there!

We’ve reached what is known as turn around week at the Kansas Capitol. It’s the week in which bills are supposed to be out of one chamber unless they have been made exempt. This means legislators are on the floor for hours at a time, trying to get bills passed out of their chamber. We’ve

Did You Hear What Laura Kelly Promised To Do?

Dear Friends, That didn’t take long. In her first official press conference since winning the race for governor, Laura Kelly listed a number of policy goals, including expanding access to marijuana and gambling. She also pledged to have an Executive Order ready on Day 1 providing special protections to LGBT state employees. There is zero

2018 Endorsements Coming Soon!

Dear Friends, The 2018 election cycle is heating up! We are fewer than 7 weeks away from the primary election on August 7. Elections are a critical component of our strategy to make Kansas a place where God is honored because life is cherished, families thrive, and religious freedom flourishes. The more Statesmen we recruit,

Playing 20 Questions with The Sentinel

A new independent, conservative media outlet has launched in Kansas and Missouri. It’s called The Sentinel and its stated purpose is “to hold government and mainstream media accountable for providing complete, accurate and unbiased information so that citizens can make their own informed decisions on matters of public policy.” Recently, The Sentinel asked me 20


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