Dear Friends,

That didn’t take long.

In her first official press conference since winning the race for governor, Laura Kelly listed a number of policy goals, including expanding access to marijuana and gambling. She also pledged to have an Executive Order ready on Day 1 providing special protections to LGBT state employees. There is zero evidence of LGBT discrimination in state government.

Most importantly, Laura Kelly was asked about the Adoption Protection Act (which she derisively calls the “adoption discrimination act”). Kelly pledged to review the law and explore options to undermine it. Tom Witt, of Equality Kansas, encouraged the Governor-elect to simply ignore the law.

Throughout our fight to pass these protections, we were asked about the need for the law. “Faith-based adoption agencies don’t have anything to worry about,” we were told. When we explained that ministries had been shuttered around the country by the stroke of a governor’s pen, we were scoffed at, as if that couldn’t happen in Kansas.

Thankfully, we acted when we did, and God blessed our efforts. Laura Kelly’s obsession with a radical sexual agenda matters more to her than finding homes for orphans. Your future governor has made clear her disdain for people of faith and their selfless contributions to the community.

And she hasn’t even been inaugurated yet.

Are you ready for the next four years? Kansas Family Voice of Kansas is ready. We aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be standing side-by-side with advocates of life, family, and religious freedom to ensure that your voice is heard and your values are protected in Topeka.

Thank you for supporting us by reading these emails, lifting us up in prayer, and supporting us financially.


Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director


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