A new independent, conservative media outlet has launched in Kansas and Missouri. It’s called The Sentinel and its stated purpose is “to hold government and mainstream media accountable for providing complete, accurate and unbiased information so that citizens can make their own informed decisions on matters of public policy.”

Recently, The Sentinel asked me 20 Questions about the Kansas Family Voice, my views on faith and politics, and our legislative agenda. Here’s part of the interview:

What are some of the most important Evangelical issues facing the state of Kansas today?

The ongoing battle to defend the rights of the unborn is the social justice issue of our generation. Someday, our descendants will look back and wonder in horror how we allowed defenseless babies to be killed in utero. Nothing is more important.

There are, however, other issues that stem from America’s failure to understand the dignity of human life. In just the last few years, the movement to redefine sexual norms has expanded into territory that goes into deeper questions of human identity. Many Americans can no longer tell you what it means to be male or female. This is stunning, frightening, and not going away any time soon.

What connection does Kansas Family Voice of Kansas have to other evangelical organizations, if any?

Kansas Family Voice of Kansas works closely with many important institutions doing policy work, like the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and Family Research Council (FRC). Our organization has roots with Focus on the Family and an ongoing positive relationship, but there is no longer any official connection there.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one Kansas policy, what would it be and why?

First, I would grant myself a few additional wishes.

Second, I would overhaul our system of public education. The current system is built to serve the interests of bureaucrats, union bosses, and lawyers; it’s supposed to serve our kids.

The education industrial complex says money is the problem, but no sphere of life has experienced less innovation or ingenuity in the last 60 years than public education. We still use a calendar designed so that kids could help bring in the crops. Because all teachers must be “certified” by the accreditation cartel, a NASA astronaut can’t teach high school physics without taking a semester of undergraduate education courses. Principals are barred from firing their ineffective teachers and giving raises to their best. Worst of all, the system fails to recognize that each child is a unique being endowed with their own gifts, interests, and goals. Instead, we expect every child to learn the same things at the same time in the same way. Our kids deserve so much more.

You can read my full interview here: Eric Teetsel, Kansas Family Voice of KS Prez, Answers Sentinel’s 20 Questions.


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