Dear Friends,

The 2018 election cycle is heating up! We are fewer than 7 weeks away from the primary election on August 7. Elections are a critical component of our strategy to make Kansas a place where God is honored because life is cherished, families thrive, and religious freedom flourishes. The more Statesmen we recruit, train, and elect the more effective we can be about passing good laws and striking down bad ones. We saw the importance of every single vote during the fight over the Adoption Protection Act, which passed with the minimum votes necessary in the House. Imagine how different things would be with just 5 or 10 more advocates!

Since the end of the legislative session, our team has been working to identify incumbents and new candidates worthy of our endorsement. We plan to make those endorsements public in the next several days.

This is the process we’re using to determine endorsements:

Kansas Family Voice of Kansas scored five votes from the 2017-2018 legislature. These five votes are evidence of whether the Representative stands with us on life, family, and religious freedom:

  • Disclose Act (HB 2319);
  • Simon’s Law (SB 85)
  • Anti-Pornography Resolution (HR 6016);
  • Adoption Protection – Motion to Concur (HB 2481); and
  • Adoption Protection – Final Action (SB 284)

Only candidates who voted 5 out of 5 are eligible for our endorsement. 54 of 125 members of the House of Representatives met this standard.

 Incumbents who meet that standard, and new candidates without a voting record whom we believe may be worthy of consideration, received our application for endorsement. The application is a questionnaire that asks specific questions about issues we will likely face in the near future, like abortion, assisted suicide, student privacy, parental rights, marijuana, gambling, and more. After reviewing returned applications, we conduct background research, interviews, and consult with mission-aligned organizations to make final determinations.

We take endorsements seriously. My goal is to build an organization you can trust and that candidates respect.

Keep your eyes peeled for the endorsements – and for our other election-related activity. Nine of the 54 members eligible for our endorsement are retiring, so we’ve got work to do to hold those seats and increase our numbers in 2018-2019.

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Eric Teetsel
President and Executive Director


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