When we put our reputation behind a candidate, you can rest assured that we have carefully vetted them and we trust they will stand for our shared values. Join us in lifting these candidates up in prayer — if elected they will carry the banner for family values on behalf of Kansans to the Capitol in Topeka, and in Washington, D.C.

If any of our endorsed candidates are running in your district, please consider volunteering for their campaign, and of course, voting for them on election day!


Our suite of voter tools makes it easy to Unleash Your
Citizenship in the election on August 2, 2022:

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  • Get early voting information
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2022 Primary Endorsements

Kellie Warren – Attorney General

Eric Smith – H.D. 76

Carrie Barth – H.D. 5

Emily Carpenter – H.D. 17

Mike Thompson – H.D. 33

Kevin Braun – H.D. 36

Robyn Essex – H.D. 78

Bob Lewis – H.D. 123

Past Statewide Endorsements

Roger Marshall


United States Senate


1st Congressional District

Jake LaTurner


2nd Congressional District


4th Congressional District



Absolutely, if we understand our biblical role to influence society for good. God’s Word doesn’t exclude Christians from politics, in fact, it requires us to engage in all areas of culture—including the political sphere.

We’ve created a practical guide that explains in more detail the Christian’s responsibility in voting. We encourage you to share it with your friends and help get Christians to the polls.

BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses Rep. Barbara Ehardt

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BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses Sen. Lori Den Hartog

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BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses Rep. Steven Harris

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BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses Liz Cheney for US House

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BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses Ron Ellis for House District 47

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BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses David Clemens for State Senate

We are blessed in North Dakota to have many hard-working legislators with a biblical foundation, consistent with the founding fathers of our country. David Clemens is one of these. In his own words, “I believe that God has instituted government for the well-being of the people, but the support of government must fall within the

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One candidate stands with YOU. The other calls your values “sick.”

The last several weeks have definitely clarified the issues surrounding the election. Do you support the rule of law, babies in the womb or even born alive after botched abortions, religious freedom, and school choice? Then your choice for President is extraordinarily clear. These issues have equally clear distinctions in the race for Senate. Roger

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BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses Gene Suellentrop for Senate District 27

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ELECTION 2020: Voter Guides and Other Resources

Dear Friends: Please find below a list of voter guides and other election resources for your review and distribution. They cover races for: President of the United States United States Senate United States House of Representatives New Mexico Senate New Mexico House of Representatives As Christian citizens living in a democracy, we have a responsibility

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BREAKING: Kansas Family Voice Endorses Cole Christensen for State House of Representatives

The first thing you notice about Cole Christensen is his energy. He is someone on fire for his beliefs and for making North Dakota laws uphold your biblical values. Cole has a strong biblical foundation. As he states, “My faith in Jesus Christ is the basis of understanding all things I encounter in this world.

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We have the right, privilege and obligation to speak into every aspect of our government. Our Action Center makes it easy for you to do that.

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