KFV State Candidate Questionnaire


2024 Kansas Family Voice Candidate Questionnaire

Do you agree with this statement: “From the moment of conception, the preborn child has a fundamental right to life that cannot be infringed”?(Required)
Would you vote for laws that ensure that abortion facilities are regulated to the fullest extent allowed in order to protect the health and safety of both mothers and babies?(Required)
Will you vote for legislation that helps women choose life, like call centers, child care assistance, or other programs that provide direct help to women, creating a culture of life in our state(Required)
Will you pledge to vote against and stop the use of any Kansas tax dollars for abortion or abortion related services? Will you also oppose the use of federal dollars for abortion or abortion related services?(Required)
Will you vote for legislation that helps pregnancy resources centers meet women who are in crises?(Required)
Will vote against legislation designed to legalize or promote physician-assisted suicide?(Required)
Will you oppose & vote against research, and funding of research, that destroys or relies on the destruction of human embryos?(Required)
Will you vote for a constitutional amendment to ensure greater accountability and transparency to the Supreme Court nomination process?(Required)
If you said yes to the prior question, which model do you prefer?
Recently, several cities have been pushing city councils to pass sexual orientation and gender identity ordinances. There are new cases from the Supreme Court that limit their implimentation. Will you oppose & vote against adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in local or statewide nondiscrimination laws?(Required)
Will you support legislation to prohibit the government from discriminating against an individual, organization or small business based on their beliefs about marriage and family?(Required)
The Kansas Adoption Protection Act, passed in 2019, protects adoption agencies from discrimination based on their beliefs about marriage and family. Will you pledge to defend the Kansas Adoption Protection Act from legislative or judicial attacks?(Required)
Will you support and vote for strong religious freedom legislation that, among other things: 1) Protects individuals and businesses from being required to provide services or use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their moral or religious beliefs, 2) Prohibits the requiring of pastors to perform samesex marriages, 3) Protects churches or religious organizations from legal action for espousing their beliefs, 4) and protects healthcare providers from being compelled to participate and gender transition services(Required)
Would you support legislation that ensures that minors cannot be given experimental drugs or surgeries that are attempting to change their sex?(Required)
Will you support and vote for legislation that would require public entities to designate multiple-occupancy public restrooms and locker room facilities for use based on a person’s biological sex?(Required)
Some cities have tried to ban what they call "conversion therapy" which really is just talk therapy to align a clients struggles with sexuality with their beliefs. Will you support and vote for legislation that protects the right of minors with unwanted same-sex attractions or gender-identity issues to receive professional counseling to help them reach their desired outcome?(Required)
Will you support and vote for legislation that protects the right of public-school students to reference their faith in graduation speeches and at other school related events?(Required)
Will you support and vote for legislation that protects the right of public-school teachers and other school staff to express their faith within the bounds of the Constitution, including by refusing to use pronouns that violate their religious beliefs?(Required)
Do you support school choice?(Required)
What types of school choice do you support?(Required)
Would you support legislation to require a filter on all government devices to block pornography?(Required)
Would you oppose and vote against all legislation to increase on-site gambling (casinos, horse racing, etc.) to Kansas?(Required)
Would you oppose and vote against legislation legalizing marijuana for recreational use?(Required)
Will you oppose legislation or other government actions that limits the freedom of religion or parental rights during a time of emergency?(Required)
Would you support a bill to ensure that parents are the primary decision maker for their children, especially in the public school setting? Would you support legislation that requires schools to make materials available to parents?(Required)
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