Topeka, Kan.

April 27, 2023 – Both chambers of the Kansas Legislature voted to override Governor Kelly’s veto of the Women’s Bill of Rights (S.B. 180) – the first of its kind in the nation. The Senate voted 28-12 and the House voted 84-40 to override Governor Kelly’s veto of this Act. It will now become law. 

Brittany Jones, Director of Policy and Engagement, Kansas Family Voice:

“In order to protect women’s rights and opportunities, you actually have to know what a woman is. In recent days, we have seen activist courts try to redefine what a woman is to take away women’s rights and opportunities and give them to men. S.B. 180 is a simple bill that ensures a consistent statutory interpretation of the word “woman.”

The Kansas legislature has spent its session standing up for women’s rights and opportunities. This bill does not create any policy or provide any cause of action. It’s simply a bill about statutory construction. Kansas is proud to be the first state in the nation to ensure that we will consistently protect women’s rights and opportunities. It is consistent with the Supreme Court’s understanding of sex discrimination and the understanding of Title IX since 1972.

As a woman in Kansas, I am proud of my state for leading the way in protecting women’s rights. Kansas voters know how important this issue is. I am thankful that the House and Senate stood up to Governor Laura Kelly and chose to protect women’s rights and opportunities throughout its session.”

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