February 9, 2021

Fairness in Women’s Sports Introduced in Kansas


Topeka, Kans. (February 9, 2021) – Today, Senator Renee Erickson (30-R) introduced the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act in response to public outcry in Kansas to President Biden’s Executive action that threatens opportunity for women in sports. Senator Erickson is supported by a host of female legislators and Kansas Family Voice of Kansas. Kansas joins at least nine other states that are considering legislation to protect opportunities for women. #SaveGirlsSports is a national movement supported by radical feminist groups and conservative pro-family organizations alike.

Statement from Brittany Jones, Esq. Director of Advocacy for Kansas Family Voice of Kansas:

“Every girl growing up in America deserves the opportunity to play sports. We know that sports teach athletes leadership, discipline, and a host of other life lessons – beyond the medals and scholarships that can be earned. We have worked too hard to see these opportunities for women stripped away. The legality of this legislation is supported by the current U.S. Department of Education interpretation of Title IX, by the context in which Title IX was passed with bi-partisan support, and by other legal scholars. When I talk to girls and parents across the state about #SaveGirlsSports, they universally agree that this common-sense legislation is necessary. We need to ensure that women have a level playing field.”

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