LGBTQ+ activists are pushing your city council members to pass a sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance (SOGI). The Topeka Policy and Finance Committee will  be discussing your freedom TOMORROW when they meet. These types of ordinances will be used to undermine religious freedom in Kansas, and your voice is needed to stop it!

The measure is similar to laws in other states that have been used to punish business owners (such as bakers and florists) who decline to participate in same-sex weddings.  In some cases, those owners have been forced to close their businesses and have been hit with tens of thousands of dollars in fines.   These laws also cover “gender identity” and have been responsible for opening women’s bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms and other public accommodations to men and boys regardless of their biological sex.

These sorts of laws have been destructive in other states. This is not what we want for our state or our city.

The ordinance is known as a SOGI law because of its stated purpose to protect people based on their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

But what it really does is divide friends and give government the power to pick winners and losers based on their beliefs.  These sorts of laws have come between cakebakers, florist, t-shirt designers, wedding photographers and their long-time customers. These are not made up stories, but real-life small business owners whose entire livelihood have been put at risk.

The proposed ordinance looks like it is supposed to protect religious institutions and claims to protect religious freedom, however, that doesn’t stop business owners from being sued or being fined in the process of defending their rights. This ordinance is being presented in conjunction with a hate crimes ordinance, and a resolution to ban the city from discriminating in its own contracting.

LGBT activists have been pushing similar ordinances around the state, including Prairie Village, Overland Park, and Roeland Park. And activists have been pushing Olathe’s City Council as well. Topeka is already a kind and welcoming place. We don’t need a resolution or ordinance to tell us to treat each other well.

What can you do?

  1. Make your voice heard. It’s simple on our action page to reach out to your City Council. We’ve made it simple on our Action Center, as you can reach all of those councilmembers with just a click. Remember to share this message with your friends and family so they too can speak up!
  2. Attend the Policy and Finance Committee Meeting to be held TOMORROW at 2 p.m. The Committee meets in the Executive Conference Room (City Hall 3rd Floor) 215 SE 7th St., Topeka, KS.
  3. Encourage your pastor to get involved as well. These are not just “political” issues but have great significance for families, for the ability to live out our Biblical beliefs, and for the fabric of our society as a whole.

We appreciate your respectful engagement on this issue and encourage you to spend earnest time in prayer for your city and its leaders.

Praying for Topeka,

Brittany Jones, Esq.
Director of Advocacy


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