There is an explicit assault on your children and grandchildren. The assault is an experiment in social engineering, and not surprisingly, it’s by those opposed to life and family values. They have figured out that if they can shape young minds to their radical agenda, then advancing their agendas becomes much easier when these children grow up. They are looking at the long term, and I am sorry to say, it works.

In this vein, two articles struck me last week. One concerned how Planned Parenthood is making a movie targeted at teens called “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” that talks about how a young unwed pregnant teen gets an abortion behind her parents’ back. I’m sure in their version of the story, everything turns out great. I’m sure there is no regret, guilt, complications, etc, that are often experienced with abortions. This film is rated PG-13.

The other article that caught my attention was targeted at even younger-age children. Not unlike the “Arthur” television serious that ran a pro-LGBTQ episode, which I talked about some time ago, Disney (not surprisingly) is creating a short Pixar film called “Out”. It features a man named Greg who is living with his boyfriend, Manuel. Greg must decide how to “come out” and tell his parents he is gay. This film is in cartoon format and rated PG.

These movies and similar efforts that target our children and grandchildren are about one thing: desensitization. Once our children are desensitized that abortion and an LGBTQ agenda that infringes on religious freedoms of others are “just the way it is’, it will be part of the new normal.

I don’t want that new normal, but rather, the old normal. I want to ensure that the old normal set by our founding fathers is preserved; one where life is cherished and religious liberties are protected. The old normal, where family values that have built this country are honored. One where God and the biblical principles that are the foundation of our country are the guiding light for our society, and not social constructs and the culture of death that has crept into our society.

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Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


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