TOPEKA, KS — The Value Them Both Coalition (VTB) released the following statement in response to today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson County Women’s Health Organization: 

“Today’s decision on Dobbs v. Jackson emphasizes the importance of our democracy, restoring the power to the states to decide how and if they are going to place limits on the abortion industry. The U.S. Supreme Court restored the people’s ability to come to individual consensus on abortion limits — but not in Kansas. As it stands today, unelected judges in Kansas are the ones who will decide the fate of abortion limits. The Value Them Both Amendment is a reasonable approach and will ensure Kansas does not remain a permanent destination for the most extreme and painful abortion procedures.

“At this historically important time, the question before Kansans on August 2nd is clear: an unregulated abortion industry with no limits at all or the reasonable limits protected by the Value Them Both Amendment,” said Mackenzie Haddix, Deputy Communications Director for the Value Them Both Campaign.

Kansas voters will vote on Value Them Both on August 2nd. This amendment will protect bipartisan, commonsense limits on the abortion industry that have been enacted in Kansas over the last 25 years. This opportunity on August 2nd will allow Kansas voters to have a voice to ensure the state does not become a permanent destination for extreme abortion procedures. Without Value Them Both, Kansas abortion law will become as extreme as New York and California.

The Value Them Both Coalition is a united effort of Kansas citizens and organizations committed to promoting passage of the Value Them Both Amendment on Aug. 2, which is the only means to defend our state’s existing pro-life laws. The coalition encourages Kansas voters to learn more at and to vote “YES” on August 2, 2022. The coalition is led by Kansans for Life, the Kansas Catholic Conference, and Kansas Family Voice.


For life,

Mackenzie Haddix

Deputy Communications Director


Paid for by Value Them Both,​ Julie Samaniego, Treasurer


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