February 7, 2020




Value Them Both Amendment Stalls in the House as Effort Continues


TOPEKA, KS – Today the Kansas House of Representatives failed to pass the Value Them Both amendment to the Kansas Constitution. By a vote of 80 to 43, the measure failed to get the 84 votes needed to allow Kansas voters to weigh in on the matter in the August primary.

Kansas Family Voice of Kansas and other coalition partners pledged to continue to push for the amendment’s passage.

Statement from Brittany Jones, Director of Advocacy for Kansas Family Voice of Kansas:

“Kansans from all across the state are dismayed that four House Republicans – Representatives Pannbacker, Hineman, Phillips and Kessinger – have joined with all Democrats in supporting unregulated abortion, late-term abortion, dismemberment abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion in the state of Kansas.  We will not allow this to stand and will take all necessary steps to make sure these representatives are acutely aware of how their vote today harms both women and preborn babies throughout the state.

“Our plan over the coming days is to inform Kansans of the implications of this vote – and the key role that these four members had in the current outcome, including likely funding of abortion through Medicaid expansion. We plan to make sure that voters throughout Districts 20, 67, 106 and 118 and beyond know the truth – that their elected representatives voted in support of unlimited, unregulated abortion.

“Kansas is a pro-life state, and the 2019 Hodes & Nauser ruling threatens every single pro-life law in the state. These representatives, with their vote today, supported Kansas becoming the Wild West of abortion and threatening even the most basic safeguards and protections for women and babies.”

Despite the shortfall in votes today, the battle to Value Them Both through this Amendment continues.

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