The Kansas Legislature sends Help Not Harm to Gov. Kelly, protecting Kansas kids from harmful and irreversible gender procedures.

Topeka, Kan.

March 27, 2024 – A supermajority of the Kansas House and the Kansas Senate sent S.B. 233 to Governor Kelly today. The Help Not Harm Act, S.B. 233, ensures that minors cannot receive puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, or surgeries in an attempt to treat gender dysphoria. It includes a provision to allow children who are already on cross sex hormones time to wean off of the hormones. This bill has already passed in 22 states and been upheld by federal courts. It now goes to the Governor.

Brittany Jones, Director of Policy and Engagement, Kansas Family Voice:

“Kansas children deserve better than being subjected to procedures that even proponents of the procedures have admitted are experimental. When children are struggling to embrace their biological sex, they deserve help and not harm. We need to give children time to treat underlying health concerns and receive appropriate mental health care once diagnosed with gender dysphoria rather than rushing them to experimental procedures.

Legally, these children cannot consent to many other things like tattoos, smoking, or even tanning beds. Our law has historically protected children from these decisions. This is a time to once again step up and protect our children. Twenty-two states have already passed similar laws. We call on Gov. Kelly to allow S.B. 233 to become law.”


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