February 14, 2020

Statement from Kansas Family Voice of Kansas Regarding Abortion Funding in Medicaid

TOPEKA, KS – Earlier this week, hearings were held by the legislature examining the likelihood that Medicaid could be forced to fund abortion in Kansas.

Statement from Brittany Jones, Director of Advocacy for Kansas Family Voice of Kansas:

“As we have said for many months, multiple states across the nation which have created a right to abortion in their state constitutions have mandated that their state pay for abortions through Medicaid.

“Our own Supreme Court in Hodes & Nauser relied on many of these cases in creating the right to limitless abortion in Kansas. In states like Alaska where the Court has created a fundamental right to abortion and the legislature expanded Medicaid, the percentage of abortions paid for by Medicaid has increased by double digits.

“The uncertainty created in approving Medicaid expansion without first advancing the Value Them Both amendment is completely unacceptable and Kansas Family Voice of Kansas will fight to ensure that this does not happen in our state.”

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Brittany Jones, contact Robert Noland at:  719-308-2822 or


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