(Topeka, Kan. – April 20, 2023) – Today, Gov. Kelly’s vetoed S.B. 26, The Childhood Mutilation Prevention Act, S.B. 180, the Women’s Bill of Rights, and H.B. 2138, requiring separate overnight accommodations for males and females on school trips. These are common-sense bills protect women’s spaces and children. The Childhood Mutilation Prevention Act ensures that minors cannot receive gender transition services until they reach the age of majority. The Women’s Bill of Rights simply ensures that courts know what a woman is for statutory purposes. H.B. 2138 is a simply ensures that girls will not be forced to share private spaces with males on school trips.

Statement from Brittany Jones, Esq., Director of Policy and Engagement: 

“Today, Governor Kelly chose to side with the radical element of her party who believes that children should undergo experimental procedures, that many individuals have come to regret. This is not in the best interest of Kansas kids and the Kansas Legislature should override this veto as soon as they get back.

In regards, S.B. 180, in order to protect women’s rights and opportunities, the word woman has to have a known legal meaning. This is a simple bill that ensures that courts know what a woman is. The Legislature should work together to give courts this needed clarity.

Finally, H.B. 2138 codifies what parents already expect to be the school’s policy for school trips – boys and girls will sleep in separate rooms. Unfortunately, that’s not happening in Kansas. When the Legislature returns next week, we expect them to add these three bills to their increasingly long list of bills Governor Kelly has vetoed that must be overridden.”

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