May 1, 2019


Topeka – Today, the House failed to override Governor Kelly’s veto of the common-sense Abortion Pill Reversal bill. Legislators who voted for the bill twice before, one Republican and five Democrats, switched their votes causing the override to fail.

Kansas would have joined eight other states (Arkansas, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kentucky, and Oklahoma) that ensure that women have access to information that it may be possible to reverse their abortion.

The override passed the Senate 27-13 yesterday. This bill simply would have ensured that women who are seeking a chemical abortion have access to information letting them know that should they change their mind, it may be possible to reverse a chemical abortion once they have taken the first abortion pill but before they take the second.

The six House members who originally supported enactment of this legislation and switched their vote today are: Rep. Stan Frownelter (D-Kansas City), Rep. Monica Murnan (D- Pittsburg), Rep. Jeff Pittman (D-Leavenworth), Rep. Jan Kessinger (R-Overland Park), Rep. Tom Burroughs (D-Kansas City) and Rep. Freda Warfield (D-Topeka).

A Statement from Brittany Jones, Esq., Director of Advocacy for Kansas Family Voice of Kansas:

“It is inexcusable that the House failed to follow the Senate’s lead in ensuring that Kansas women have access to important medical information. Legislators who originally supported the Abortion Pill Reversal Bill today decided to join Governor Kelly in playing politics with women’s health.

“Women seeking an abortion should have access to all relevant medical information—including that it may be possible to reverse a chemical abortion if they change their minds. Denying women access to this information is not only a pro-abortion vote, it’s an anti-woman vote.

“Kansas Family Voice of Kansas will work with grassroots networks to ensure that flip-flop voters are held accountable for playing politics with women’s health and babies’ lives.”

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