For Immediate Release

January 15, 2019



Kansas Family Voice of Kansas opposes Governor Kelly’s first executive order today (No. 19-02) as an unnecessary power grab that brings division to our state and threatens protections for faith-based ministries in Kansas that were appropriately passed by the law-making branch of government.

A statement from Brittany Jones, Director of Advocacy for Kansas Family Voice of Kansas:

“Governor Kelly made it clear even before she took office that she would be using her newly-acquired powers to advance a liberal agenda and even circumvent laws that Kansas lawmakers put into place. Her job is to uphold the law, not to act as though the Governor’s office is above the law. She is attempting to use her first official act as governor to circumvent the legislature and the laws they have passed, which give protections to faith-based ministries serving our community. We will continue to advance religious freedom and the rule of law in Kansas, despite the governor’s power grab and liberal agenda.

“We directly ask Governor Kelly: Is there evidence your own administration is engaging in discriminatory activity, or is this an executive order in search of a problem? It’s more likely an attempt to divide Kansans and exclude people of faith from contributing to our great state.”





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