Kansas State Capitol Building
It’s a snowy and frigid week in the Sunflower State. The Chiefs are in the playoffs. And, of course, the 2024 Legislative season is off to a roaring start.

We started the session this year by taking up a resolution in support of Israel and condemning Hamas for its actions on October 7th. It passed the House 106-14 and the Senate 34-6. You can see how your legislators voted on the resolution by clicking on the links. We are so thankful for all of you who acted quickly yesterday, asking your legislators to support the resolutions!  

We are genuinely excited about our legislative agenda for this year. We are focusing on supporting moms and babies & protecting kids! On our agenda this year:

1) The Every Mom Matters Act (EMMA) & the Adoption Option Act to create hotlines to provide pregnant moms with resources about their pregnancy and help birth and adoptive families have better access to resources surrounding adoption;

2) A pro-life tax bill to create or expand tax credits to support a culture of life in Kansas. It will include things like a child tax credit, a pregnancy resource center tax credit, as well as expanding the adoption tax credit;

3) A bill to protect women from coercion if they are seeking an abortion; A bill to update our abortion reporting laws;

4) A bill to ensure that children in the womb are recognized in custody decisions;

5) The Protecting Kids Online Act to require age verification for pornographic websites;

6) The Help Not Harm Act to ensure that children do not receive experimental surgeries or pharmaceuticals to attempt to treat gender dysphoria;

7) And to promote educational freedom and parental rights!

These are significant efforts; we cannot do this without your help! Make sure you are following us on social media and be on the lookout for action alerts about urgent things happening in the Capitol!  

For Kansas,          



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