On the first day of veto session, the House and Senate took on over a dozen of Governor Kelly’s vetoes. Most have only been through one chamber at this point, but in exciting news, both Chambers overrode the veto of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act! It now becomes law! You can see how your legislature voted here!

Here is how the other overrides we are tracking faired:

S.B. 26 – Childhood Gender Mutilation Prevention Act – Failed by one vote in the Senate. We are saddened that this bill failed this year. These harmful procedures are happening in Kansas. We will keep working to ensure these experimental procedures cannot happen in Kansas. See how your Senators voted here.

S.B. 180 – Women’s Bill of Rights – Passed in the Senate 28-12. Is headed to the House next. This vote is happening NOW! This bill will ensure that courts cannot manipulate the word “woman” to take away their rights and opportunities! Contact your House member here!

H.B. 2325 – Removes Abortion Providers from the Healthcare Stabilization Fund – Passed House on a vote of 84-40. This Bill ensures that abortion providers cannot be a part of the government benefits given under the Healthcare Stabilization Fund. This Fund gives medical providers supplemental insurance coverage. It goes to the Senate today.

H.B. 2264 – Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent Act and Clarification of Abortion Definition – Four years ago we attempted to pass the Abortion Pill Reversal law, but it failed when several pro-abortion Republicans in the House blocked it. This is an important update to our informed consent laws and simply ensures women have information specific to the method of abortion that is being used in 2/3 of abortions in Kansas. Also, it includes a clarifying definition of abortion to ensure that women know that miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies are not considered abortion under the law. Contact your Senator here! They should be debating it today!

There are several other budget provisos and other bills we are watching but these are the big bills we see moving!

Other bills or overrides we are waiting for:

S.B. 113 and H.B. 2089 (the new language has not been uploaded to the website yet) – Education Bill – These are the education budget and policy bills. This includes the funding for public schools as well as an education savings account bill. The program was re-tooled in order to help it pass and begin the process of ensuring our most needy students get the assistance they desperately need!

H.B. 2236 – Parental Rights Bill – has not been taken up by either chamber. Contact your legislator here.

We are thankful for the hard work of both the House and the Senate and are looking forward to more good news today.

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