Early, in-person voting ends today at noon! And TOMORROW is election day! Your mailbox will finally stop being flooded with campaign mail. But we need you to go vote this morning or tomorrow! This election is incredibly important for the direction of our state and our nation.  


Check out all our election resources and make sure you are prepared to vote. Liberal activists are being very sneaky this cycle and are propping up third-party candidates in an attempt to steal votes from conservative candidates who can actually win. Please, don’t be fooled by these deceptive ads. The Kansas Values Institute & the American Center are all run by liberals including Hillary Clinton’s attorney. Both these groups have run ads to try to confuse conservative voters in both the Governor’s race and the Third Congressional race as a way to prop up two Democratic candidates who are struggling. I urge you not to play into their game.  

Every vote will matter in this cycle. Several house races were won or lost by less than 10 votes in 2020 in Kansas. I also encourage you to check your ballot and make sure it adequately reflects how you intended to vote. If you have election concerns, immediately alert an election worker and contact the Secretary of State’s office.  

Go vote! And take as many of your friends with you. Personally, contacts are one of the best ways to ensure that your friends and family are actually voting!  


I’ve made a habit as I stand in line to vote to spend the time praying. Here are a couple of things you can pray for as you stand in line, drive to your polling place (with your eyes open of course), or as you go about your day the next two days:  

The candidates: It’s been a long grueling campaign for many of them. They are exhausted and have given so much of their time & talents all while being attacked from many different angles. Most of these positions are not glamorous. They need your encouragement and your prayers.  

Election workers: Pray for the poll workers & election officials as they work to ensure that these elections go smoothly. They often must deal with a variety of circumstances and individuals.  

Your fellow voters: We need revival in our state. If we learned anything in the last election, many of our fellow voters have been confused by lies. We need to pray that the truth will be clear, that God will call the people of Kansas back to Himself and that hearts will be changed.  

Post-election Webinar!

Finally, Wednesday after Election Day, we will be hosting a webinar to discuss the election results. Register here today!  

Praying for our state,
Brittany Jones
Director of Policy and Engagement


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