It’s a weird time in American politics. In some ways unprecedented. In other ways, there is nothing new under the sun. It seems like everywhere we look our leaders are not living up to their calling to lead well publicly or privately. Their policies seem driven more by polls than by principle. Their family lives are in shambles.  

We’re called to a higher standard as Christians and so are our leaders. This doesn’t mean that we have to only vote for candidates that we know have a personal relationship with Jesus. Sometimes we’re not given that option and sometimes we just don’t know. But we are called to look for candidates who are committed to biblical truth whether they recognize it or not.  

As Christians, we don’t just get our policy positions by sticking our fingers in the air. But we have to be wise. We can’t trade on biblical truth. Things like life, sexuality, marriage, and the church are foundational to living a consistent Christian life. Yes, sometimes in the details of creating specific policies, we can make some compromises to move the ball forward, but we should never compromise when it comes to the truth of these issues.  

These are not sideline issues. They are foundational to who we are as human beings and who we are as followers of Jesus. How leaders’ campaign is often indicative of how they will lead in office. We are called to lead the culture, not follow it, and to stand on the word of God no matter what the culture may tell us. As you watch candidates in the coming months, I encourage you to watch what they say and do on these foundational issues. Are they leading the culture? Are they leading in their personal lives? Or are they being tossed around by the waves?  

Our country, our state, and our communities depend on men and women of God leading in every area of their life. May we continue to pray for all those in authority and may we watch with wisdom and discernment!  

For truth,


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