In two big developments today, President Biden released his rule which essentially erases women from Title IX, and Gov. Kelly vetoed the Culture of Life Tax Credit bill.  

The Culture of Life Tax Credit Act (H.B. 2465) contains some key provisions to tangibly help moms while pregnant and families who are seeking to adopt. It includes the creation of adoption savings accounts as well as an expansion of the adoption tax credit. It also includes a tax credit for donors to pregnancy resource centers and sales tax exemption for pregnancy resource centers. Gov. Kelly has clearly decided to put ideology over women and children who are looking for a forever home. This just shows how little Kelly cares about women, families, and the groups that serve them.  

Our legislators need to be prepared to override this veto when they come back!
Likewise, Biden is also ignoring women and forcing families to agree with his radical sexual ideology. This new rule adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected characteristics in Title IX – diminishing protections for women. Title IX is intended to protect women in the educational setting. Now those protections are being upended in favor of biological men.  

For now, the rule doesn’t address athletic teams, but it does apply to other single sex spaces like locker rooms, bathrooms, and dorms. It also likely has implications for the use of pronouns. This has major implications for the First Amendment as well as the rights of parents. The Government dismissed complaints – essentially saying to schools and families if you want to have separate spaces or have your beliefs respected don’t go to our schools.  

We expect there will be several lawsuits filed before the law officially goes into effect in August. It very likely conflicts with several laws passed in Kansas just last year. We will continue to work to highlight the importance of protecting women’s only spaces and dignity and the dignity of our God given sexuality.  

One final note, we are preparing for a big week next week at the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court will be hearing the Idaho case where the Biden Administration tried to force hospitals to provide abortions using a very obscure federal regulation. We’ll be sharing more about this case, and its importance for religious freedom and our right to protect life in the womb. Be on the lookout for exciting updates!  

You can read the amicus brief here.  

For the dignity of every human being made in the image of God,


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