Kansas is surrounded by states whose legislatures are largely pro-life. In fact, we used to be one of those pro-life leader. But while some states are saving hundreds a life a day with their pro-life laws, our hands are tied in Kansas.

The abortion industry is capitalizing on the current dynamic to push for more abortions in our state. While I always rejoice when lives are saved, what’s happening around us only further emphasizes why we need VALUE THEM BOTH in Kansas! The abortion industry is already pushing women to come to Kansas for abortions because there is a nearly unlimited right to abortion in Kansas.

Because of what our courts have done, we can’t protect lives in Kansas. Our life-saving laws are essentially unenforceable and the abortion industry is using Kansas as a safe haven for abortion. With VALUE THEM BOTH we can restore our ability to regulate the abortion industry and protect ourselves from becoming a late term abortion destination. The last year has shown the sharp contrast in a state like Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas because of our state court ruling, that strips our ability to enforce our laws. Here are just a few examples.   In Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, & Oklahoma, parents must be involved in the abortion decision making process. In Kansas, the court has shown that it will likely not enforce our parental consent laws, allowing a minor girl to be coerced by the abortion industry or even a boyfriend into getting an abortion.   In Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas a woman has a right to information about how far along she is in her pregnancy and the health risk associated with abortion. But in Kansas, our nearly identical law is unenforceable because of our court ruling, denying women access to information.

In Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, & Arkansas they are able to protect their tax dollars from going to pay for abortions. In Kansas, our courts have removed our legal framework from protecting Kansans, no matter how they feel about abortion, from being required to pay for abortions. This is just in reference to our state dollars. At this point, protections on our federal dollars are also at risk as the Biden Administration continues to attack the Hyde Amendment.

The abortion industry has Kansas right where it wants it. They couldn’t defeat you at the ballot box, so they went through the court. It’s time we fight back. If you want to be able to protect our laws, join with us to pass Value Them Both. You can sign up to volunteer, order a church packet, request a speaker all on our website: valuethemboth.com.

We don’t want Kansas to be the state that the abortion industry uses as haven for their predatory practice. We want Kansas to be a state where life is cherished and where mommas thrive. Let’s stand up and value them both together! For a Kansas where life is valued,

P.S. We are working with Kansas leaders to push back against President Biden’s unconstitutional overreach into the conscience rights of Americans by coercing employees to get vaccinated. We will continue to update you on what is being done in Kansas as things develop. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get up to date information.


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